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There’s still time to get in on this great deal for this great series!
Here by popular demand… just in time BEFORE the holidays:
The Spirit of Money
3 Week Webinar Series

So many in my Inner Circle sent their regrets that they
could not attend the live seminar here in Chicago
a few weeks ago in September.

Even more requested that I do the seminar virtually. And so here
it is — with an even better offer than those who attended it live received…

The 3 Week Webinar Series will take place on
November 3 (Tue) => You’ll get the replay now
November 9 (Mon)
and November 17 (Tue)
from 7:00 – 8:00pm, CST

Here’s the best part…

As a bonus for registering for the webinar, you will receive FREE Lifetime Membership to the new Spirit of Money web site that will go live on December 1! So even if you can’t make the live webinar dates, the webinar videos will be available for you to watch as often as you’d like when ever and where ever you want.

Lifetime membership gets you all updates to the Spirit of Money videos and action guides. Plus you’ll get all of the additional content I regularly add to my sites, like videos and audios of future live presentations on the topic, tip sheets, ebooks, and other things I create on the topic that I think you’ll benefit from. If you have membership to any of my other web sites, then you know that I’m constantly adding new materials to the sites which ends up being far more than was originally there.

Did you know September’s Spirit of Money Seminar
was so well received that it was featured

on the cover of the October issue of
Conscious Community Magazine?

The article is on pages 10 – 11

What will I be covering in the webinar? Well…

Do you believe you have to work hard for money? Have you been thinking positive about having more financial abundance or diligently applying the “Law of Attraction”, but still not manifesting an abundance of money in your life that is commensurate with the amount of effort you put forth? Is it really possible to stay spiritual when you can’t pay all of your bills? I’ll be covering all of these topics and more. Here’s the webinar agenda:

Week 1 (Tue, November 3 => YOU’LL INSTANTLY GET THE REPLAY): I’ll cover the spiritual aspects of money and the 8 hidden obstacles that limit your access to the full flow of an abundance of money in your life or through your business.

Week 2 (Mon, November 9): I’ll cover your money story, how to pay your bills in a way that attracts more money, the role of forgiveness and money, the role of visualization and money (trust me, it’s not what you think), and “praying” for money.

Week 3 (Tue, November 17): I’ll provide a blueprint for freeing yourself to allow the greatest amount of money to flow to you, meaningful immediate next steps to take to jump start the process, and Q&A.

Get the Live Webinar Series + Lifetime Membership
to the new web site for only $47.00

This is more than 50% off the $97 price of membership
I’m planning to charge
when the web site launches on Dec 1!



Get Lifetime Membership to my site!

Call it my early Thanksgiving gratitude gift or an early Christmas gift. The site has an MP3 version of my How to Develop a Wealth Mentality CD, companion ebooks, tip sheets and other information that I continuously add.

As we enter the holiday season with all the temptation it has to take you off of your financial plan or cause feelings that are contrary to attracting abundance in your life, I’ve tried to make this offer irresistible to encourage you to take advantage of it. What you learn in this webinar series will help you navigate the holiday season and help you formulate your financial strategies for 2016. I hope you choose to invest in yourself with this offer!

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get:

► The Live Spirit of Money 3 Week Webinar Series

Lifetime Membership to Spirit of Money web site launching on December 1

Lifetime Membership to the web site now

All for only $47.00!



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